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Blluebell photo by Michael Wigle

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Roughskin Newt photo by David Blevins

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The E-Flora atlas pages provide detailed information on British Columbia's plant species. To access the pages, conduct a species search using the 'Species Search Page' button below. You can search for a single species or a group of species. Use our quick search feature in the window below to call up atlas pages for single species.

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Quickly search for a BC plant species using either its English common name or its scientific name (Genus or Genus species).

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E-Flora BC Notes

E-Flora BC is a work in progress, a 'living book' that will be updated continuously. Presently, E-Flora contains more than 8000 atlas pages, covering all vascular plants, all macro-fungi, most lichens, and more than one hundred bryophyte and algae species found in BC. We are working towards developing additional atlas pages.

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The Macrofungi of Haida Gwaii:. Visit the web page and view the species checklist.

Photo Gallery

Troutlily photo by Dave Ingram

More that 10,000 photos of vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, lichens, fungi and algae can be found in the E-Flora Photo Gallery.

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