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Alboleptonia sericella var. lutescens (Fr.) Largent & R.G. Benedict
little white Leptonia

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

Introduction to the Macrofungi

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Species Information

this is the only common small white mushroom with pinkish spores, a thin stem and attached gills, note also angular spores; the online Index Fungorum accessed April 14, 2012 synonymizes both the type variety and var. lutescens with Entoloma sericellum (Fr.) P. Kumm.; collections examined from WA, OR, ID, CA, NC, Scotland, common in western North America, collections from BC at University of British Columbia and at Pacific Forestry Center in Victoria
1-3(5)cm across, convex becoming flat or centrally depressed; pure white to translucent white or tinged yellow (especially when old) or sometimes even pinkish; "smooth, dry, often silky or finely fibrillose", (Arora), 0.6-8cm across, 0.5-1.5cm high, bell-shaped to convex at first, often broadly convex to flat when old, margin incurved to decurved [downcurved]; not hygrophanous, white and often, if not always, tinged yellowish on the disc; opaque, finely appressed-fibrillose to densely matted-fibrillose, becoming more or less silky and bald on drying; margin even, (Largent)
thin, fragile; whitish, (Arora), up to 0.9cm thick near gill attachment, fragile; white, unchanging when bruised, in stem white, unchanging when bruised, (Largent)
adnate to slightly decurrent or notched, well-spaced; white, becoming rosy-pinkish when old from spores, (Arora), "adnate, sinuate, emarginate, or uncinate, crowded to subdistant, narrow to moderately broad", 0.2-0.9cm x 0.7-3.2cm; white at first, edge white; edge even, (Largent)
1.5-5cm x 0.1-0.4cm, equal, smooth, fragile; white or discoloring like cap, (Arora), 2.5-8.5cm x 0.15-1.3cm, equal to narrowed at base, 0.15-1cm at base, stuffed becoming hollow, round in cross-section "but often flattened and with a longitudinal groove"; white becoming tinged yellowish; pruinose to flocculose at top, bald to slightly appressed-fibrillose elsewhere, (Largent)
mild, at times fungoid to slightly pungent, (Largent)
mild to slightly unpleasant (Largent)
Microscopic spores:
spores 9-13 x 6-8 microns, elliptic but angular (nodulose), (Arora), spores 7.3-12.9 x (5.3)5.9-10.2 microns, 5-6 sided, angular, smooth, heterodiametric (longer than wide), [inamyloid]; basidia 2-spored to 4-spored, 28-47.5 x 9-14 microns, easily separated; pleurocystidia rare if present at all, cheilocystidia rare, scattered, to more typically abundant, 40-70 x 6-10 microns, versiform in shape, colorless; pileocystidia 30-153 x 5-20 microns, colorless, cylindric to clavate, at times capitate; caulocystidia 26-90 x 5.0-12.5 microns, versiform, often like cap cystidia; clamps rare to scattered on hyphae of pileipellis and stipitipellis, scattered at base of basidia; pigmentation colorless, not at all incrusted, (Largent)
Spore deposit:
bright flesh color (Arora), pink (Buczacki)

Habitat / Range

scattered to gregarious "in damp soil in woods, thickets, along trails, etc.", (Arora), single, scattered, or gregarious in mossy humus, grassy areas, leafy humus, cedar branchlet humus, or needle humus under or near various conifers and hardwoods, devil's club, or ferns, in Pacific Northwest late June through mid-December, (Largent), summer, fall, winter

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Alboleptonia adnatifolia (Murrill) Largent & R.G. Benedict
Clitopilus adnatifolius Murrill
Pleuropus adnatifolius Murrill

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unknown (Arora)

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Species References

Largent(1)*, Arora(1)* (var. not specified), Phillips(1)* (var. not specified), Miller(14)* (var. not specified), Trudell(4)* (as Entoloma sericellum, variety not specified), Buczacki(1)* (as Entoloma sericellum)

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