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Anthelia juratzkana (Limpr.) Trevis.
Juratzka's Anthelia

Species Account Author: Wilf Schofield

Introduction to the Liverworts of BC

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Distribution of Anthelia juratzkana
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Species Information

Species description:
Gametophytes: creeping or suberect, often in dense mats or turfs sparsely branched, yellow-green to dark green (to nearly black) when fresh, greyish-white when dry, usually with few rhizoides 1-3 cm long, very slender and julaceous with leaves closely imbricate to distant, deeply and equally bi-lobed, usually to ½ or more of length, lobes pointed, often ending in 1 cell, underleaves absent. Dioiceous. Sporophytes occasional. Perianth cylindric, extending well beyond subtending leaves, pleated in upper portions.
Similar Species:
See notes under Anthelia julacea.

Habitat / Range

Predominantly an alpine and subalpine species, especially on level sites where water persists into the summer, and also banks.
World Distribution

An arctic and alpine (or mountain) species. Circumpolar in the Northern Hemisphere and extending down mountain ranges, also bipoloar and essentially circumpolar in the Southern Hemisphere.

BC Distribution

Probably in all mountainous areas, but extendng to lower elevations on the wet coast.

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