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Ciborinia whetzelii (Seaver) Seaver
aspen ink spot

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

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Species Information

Ciborinia whetzelii produces brown cup-shaped stemmed fruitbodies arising in the spring from overwintering black sclerotia that develop on browned aspen leaves giving an "inkspot" appearance and later fall to the duff leaving "shotholes" in the leaves. It is common throughout BC (Allen), and found throughout Canada and the northern United States, but the sexual state has not yet been documented in BC, (Callan). It occurs specifically in PQ and NY, (Seaver).
Upper surface:
0.2-1cm, at first cup-shaped, expanding and becoming subdiscoid [nearly disc-shaped]; brownish; sclerotia form on living leaves, circular or irregularly subcircular in form, persistent or dehiscent, (Seaver), sclerotia form dark "inkspots" on living leave
brownish (Seaver)
0.5-2.5cm long (Seaver, Callan)
spores 11-16 x 4-7 microns, elliptic, uniseriate; asci reaching a length or 150-200 microns and width of 9-12 microns, (Seaver), spores 7-10 x 3-4 microns, oval, single-celled, colorless; asci 8-spored, 160-180 x 11-12 microns, club-shaped, with a small apical plug that stains blue in Melzer's reagent; sclerotia have a distinctive palisade layer of cells just under the outer surface, (Callan), paraphyses numerous (Funk)

Habitat / Range

fruitbodies on sclerotia lying on ground that have dehisced from the leaves of Populus tremuloides, (Seaver), sclerotia on aspen and cottonwood leaves, (Allen), on aspen, rarely on balsam poplar, (Callan)

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Seaver(2), Allen(1), Callan(1), Funk(1)

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