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Cladophora sericea (Hudson) Kuetzing
graceful green hair

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Ocean Biogeography Information System (global distribution)

Species Information

Family Description:
Since this order contains just one family in the local area, the Cladophoraceae, the characteristics of this family are the same as those of the order. Members of the genera Chaetomorpha and Rhizoclonium have unbranched filaments, whereas members of Cladophora have branched filaments.
Species description:
This delicate species is grass green to yellowish green and profusely branched. At maturity it is from 5 to 20 cm (2 to 8 in) long, the branches spreading gracefully from the main axis. Each filament is composed of numerous cylindrical cells that are four to six times as long as broad, and each cell contains a single reticulate chloroplast. The filaments are branched, with branches coming off the distal end of the cell bearing them, like C. columbiana in Figure 6, but less profusely. The ultimate branchlets are very short. with apical cells 38 to 45 ┬Ám in diameter and about twice that length. All branches are erect (compare with the previous species, in which some basal branches are horizontal). Rhizoidal filaments attach each tuft to the substratum; these are basally located and can be simple or branched.

This species is not as conspicuous as Green Ball but is more widespread. It is common in mid to upper intertidal tidepools; lower in the intertidal it is usually emergent.

Source: North Pacific Seaweeds

Habitat / Range

Bathymetry: upper to low intertidal
World Distribution: Cook Inlet, Alaska, to San Diego, California; Philippines; Arctic; North Atlantic; southern Australia

Source: North Pacific Seaweeds

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Cladophora glaucescens
Conferva sericea

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