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Eleocharis coloradoensis (Britton) Gilly
dwarf spike-rush (Dwarf spike-rush )
Cyperaceae (Sedge family)

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Distribution of Eleocharis coloradoensis
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A diminutive perennial with bulb-like basal tubers, restricted to brackish seashores and estuaries in BC. Known in Greater Vancouver from the head of Burrard Inlet, the Serpentine estuary, Little Campbell River estuary and Iona Island (UBC: Lomer 97-596). It does not grow in freshwater sites in The Fraser Valley. I expect that a thorough search of coastal estuaries in brackish sites, where the tidal shore is exposed compacted mud, will reveal that this species is not of conservation concern in BC. [Note that out of range dots on the distribution map represent transcription errors in specimen coordinates that are not yet updated by data providers--ed.]

Note Author: Frank Lomer 2011 (Reprinted from Botanical Electronic News # 435, with permission).

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Chaetocyperus membranacea Buckley
Eleocharis leptos (Steud.) Svens.
Eleocharis leptos var. coloradoensis (Britton) Svens.
Eleocharis leptos var. johnstonii Svens.
Eleocharis membranacea (Buckley) Gilly
Eleocharis parvula (Roem. & Schult.) Link ex Bluff, Nees & Schauer
Eleocharis parvula (Roem. & Schult.) Link ex Bluff, Nees & Schauer
Scirpus nanus Spreng.
Scirpus nanus var. anachaetus (Torr.) Britton

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