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Gymnopilus magnus (Peck) Murrill
no common name

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

Introduction to the Macrofungi
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Species Information

distinctive characters are arachnoid (web-like) more or less fleeting veil, interwoven cap tissue, and lack of pleurocystidia, (Hesler), other features include convex, pale yellow or buff, non-viscid, radially streaky cap, adnate to slightly decurrent gills that are ochraceous at maturity, fibrillose stem colored as cap, and growth in tufts about the base of trees; found at least in BC, WA, NY, (Hesler)
10-15cm across, broadly convex; pale yellow or buff; not viscid, fibrillose and somewhat virgate [radially streaky], the margin commonly becoming rolled up when old
soft; whitish or yellowish, yellowish in stem
adnate or slightly decurrent, close, about 0.6cm broad, often crisped and wavy toward stem; ochraceous at maturity (probably yellow when young)
7.5-10cm x 1.6-2.4cm, equal or widened toward base, solid; colored as cap; fibrillose
arachnoid (cobwebby), fleeting
Microscopic spores:
spores 7.5-10 x 5.5-7 microns, elliptic in face view, inequilateral or subamygdaliform [somewhat almond-shaped] in side view, "rough-warty, no germ pore, ferruginous in KOH, dextrinoid"; basidia (2-)4-spored, 27-38 x 6-7 microns, sometimes brown; pleurocystidia none, cheilocystidia 26-37 x 7-10 microns, "ventricose, usually with a neck and capitate, sometimes brown"; gill trama subparallel, hyphae 5-11 microns wide; cap trama interwoven, cuticle repent; cap and gill trama yellowish brown in KOH, reddish brown in Melzer's, yellow pigment, soluble in KOH, present in gill trama; clamp connections present
Spore deposit:
[presumably somewhere from orange to rusty brown]

Habitat / Range

cespitose [in tufts] about the base of trees, August to October, (Hesler), summer, fall

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