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Hygrophorus marginatus var. olivaceus A.H. Sm. & Hesler
orange-gilled waxy-cap

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

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Species Information

features include moist, striate cap that is olive to olive brown soon becoming pale dull orange from margin inwards, orange gills that do not fade, dry "grape green" stem, and growth on rotten conifer wood; Hesler(1) examined collections from WA, also MA, ME, MI; reported from BC (Kroeger(3))
2.5-3.5cm across, sharply conic becoming conic - bell-shaped then nearly flat, retaining sharp umbo; "olive brown" to "deep olive" over central area or overall when young, soon becoming pale dull orange near margin, when old the olive fading and the orange more widespread but never brilliant orange; bald, moist but not viscid, margin translucent-striate, (Hesler), 2.5-4cm across, conic becoming bell-shaped, then flatter with sharp umbo; olive orange-brown to deep olive but paler orange near margin; moist, smooth with translucent-striate margin, (Phillips), 2.5-5cm across, dark grayish olive green or dark brownish olive, remaining so at center but becoming orange at margin; moist or soapy-feeling but not viscid, (Stuntz)
thin, fragile; dull olive gray, (Hesler), thin, fragile; dull greeny gray, (Phillips), thin, fragile, grayish olive (Stuntz)
ascending adnate, with decurrent tooth, close to subdistant, 20-30 reaching stem, broad (about 0.5cm broad), 2 tiers subgills; "ochraceous orange", scarcely fading, (Hesler), 'ascending adnate, close to subdistant, broad; dark yellowy orange', (Phillips), adnate, broad; bright orange, not fading or changing color when old, (Stuntz)
3-5cm x 0.2-0.4cm, equal, soon hollow, very fragile; "grape green" becoming pallid greenish yellow; bald, (Hesler), 3-5cm x 0.2-1cm, 'very fragile becoming hollow; yellowy green becoming paler; smooth', (Phillips), 3.8-5.7cm x 0.3-0.6cm, fragile; 'bright yellow-green, becoming pallid yellow tinged with green'; moist, not viscid, smooth, satiny, (Stuntz)
mild (Hesler, Phillips, Stuntz)
mild (Hesler, Phillips, Stuntz)
Microscopic spores:
spores 6.5-8 x 4-5 microns, subelliptic, colorless in Melzer's reagent (inamyloid); basidia 4-spored, 38-50 x 7-9 microns; pleurocystidia and cheilocystidia none; gill tissue subparallel, hyphae 7-16 microns broad; cap cuticle "at first of repent non-gelatinous hyphae, a cutis", "finally the hyphae loosening and at times more or less erect and then forming a trichodermium"; hypodermium none; cap trama radial hyphae; clamp connections none, (Hesler), spores 6.5-8 x 4-6 microns, subelliptic, inamyloid, (Phillips)
Spore deposit:
white (Phillips)

Habitat / Range

single on very rotten conifer wood (Hesler), single on decayed conifer wood (Phillips)

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Tricholoma marginatus var. olivaceus A.H. Sm. & Hesler) Singer

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unknown (Phillips)

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Species References

Hesler(1)* (colors in double quotation marks from Ridgway(1)), Phillips(1) (3 varieties)*, Stuntz(4), Kroeger(3)

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