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Leptogium cyanescens (Rabenh.) Körber
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Introduction to the Lichens

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Species Information

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Illustration By: Trevor Goward

Species description:
Thallus small to medium but not minute; lobes averaging to more than 1.5 mm wide, always dorsiventral; isidia present or absent, distinctly wrinkled upper surface AND
Lobe margins naked; isidia, if present, naked AND
Lobes broad or, if elongate, then never both erect and terminating in distinctly swollen tips; lobe tips averaging to less than 0.2 mm thick when moist, seldom strongly wrinkled when dry; habitat and distribution various AND
Lower surface naked or bearing scattered tufts of hair at points of attachment, never distinctly woolly AND
Isidia and/or lobules present over upper surface AND
Thallus distinctly thin, averaging to less than 0.1 mm thick when moist; distribution various AND
Isidia cylindrical throughout AND
Upper surface bluish grey throughout; over trees (rare over mossy rock); restricted to humid localities; rare
Notes: Although Sierk (1964) claims that L. cyanescens “is the most common species of Leptogium in North America,” it is obviously very rare in B.C.

Source: Lichens of British Columbia

Habitat / Range

Habitat: Rare over trees at lower elevations in sheltered humid, intermontane forests
World Distribution: incompletely circumpolar, N to AK, S to CO.

Source: Lichens of British Columbia

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Leptogium caesium (Ach.) Vainio
Leptogium tremelloides auct.

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