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Lonicera tatarica L.
Tatarian honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae (Valerian family)

Introduction to Vascular Plants

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Distribution of Lonicera tatarica
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This pink-flowered bush honeysuckle is an introduced species in North America that originates in Siberia and eastern Asia. It was introduced to North America in 1752 and has become invasive (IPANE 2012, Wikipedia 2012). Plants may reach three meters in height, with sometimes white, often pink or crimson red tubular flowers and orange or red berries (Wikipedia 2012). Flowers are asymmetrical and five-lobed (IPANE 2012). Stems are hollow (IPANE 2012). This is a perennial shrub that forms thickets, and is easily spread by birds (Wikipedia 2012).

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Lonicera sibirica Georgi, nom. nud.
Lonicera tatarica var. latifolia Loudon

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