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Mycena culmigena Maas Geest.
no common name

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

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Species Information

Section Subincarnatae (Smith), Section Polyadelphia (Maas Geesteranus); characterized by very small size, dull pale wine color, growth on sedges and rushes, and spores; Mycena juncicola (Fr.) Gillet is a different distinct species according to Maas Geesteranus which in his concept includes Mycena cariciophila Redhead found in New Brunswick; description derived from Maas Geesteranus(1) except where noted; Mycena culmigena found at least OR (type), WA, BC, (Redhead(8))
up to 0.3cm across, conic to convex, with or without small, acute umbo, "finally apically flattened to more or less depressed"; grayish vinaceous or with a purple tinge, paler to whitish at the margin; sulcate [grooved], not or little translucent-striate, minutely puberulous [downy] at first
very thin, fragile
broadly adnate, decurrent with a tooth, ascending, 8-10 reaching stem, narrow (less than 0.05cm dry); pale grayish vinaceous, with grayish to whitish edge
0.3-1cm x 0.01-0.02cm, equal, fragile, arising from an inconspicuous flat disc up to 0.1cm across; watery grayish white to grayish vinaceous, the disc vinaceous to brownish; pruinose in upper part, bald lower down
not distinctive
not distinctive
Microscopic spores:
spores 9.4-12.1 x 4.6-5.4 microns, pip-shaped (broadly elliptic) to somewhat elongated, smooth, weakly amyloid; basidia 4-spored, 21.5-24 x 7.5-9 microns, clavate, clamped; pleurocystidia absent, cheilocystidia "forming a sterile band (lamellar edge homogeneous), 22-27 x 8-14.5 microns, obpyriform to clavate, regularly and symmetrically shaped, clamped (but clamps in later stages often difficult to demonstrate), fairly evenly covered with cylindrical, usually straight, simple or, less frequently, branched excrescences 1.8-8 x 0.9-1.5 microns"
Spore deposit:
[presumably white]

Habitat / Range

on decaying sedge leaves and stems (Maas Geesteranus), on sedges and rushes, along lake, river, and ocean shores, (Redhead(6))

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Mycena juncicola (Fr.) Gillet sensu A.H. Sm.

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Species References

Maas Geesteranus(1), Smith(1) (as M. juncicola Section Subincarnatae), Redhead(6), Redhead(8) (as M. juncicola), Redhead(32) (discussing M. cariciophila)

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