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Neorhodomela oregona (Doty) Masuda
Oregon pine

Introduction to the Algae

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Distribution of Neorhodomela oregona
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Ocean Biogeography Information System (global distribution)

Species Information

Family Description:
Four or more cells of the same height as the axial cell are cut off the various faces of the axial cell; these are called pericentral cells. Tetrasporangia are tetrahedrally divided. Each cystocarp is surrounded by a well-developed pericarp.
Species description:
Oregon Pine is similar to Black Pine. It is not quite as coarse and stiff as Black Pine, and its branchlets are not so obviously bunched but it has more orders of branching. Oregon Pine looks black and is quite wiry, and grows to a height of about 17 cm (over 6.5 in). It is abundant in the mid intertidal zone, especially in tidepools and areas where there are wet seeps, and it is common along our more protected shorelines.

Source: North Pacific Seaweeds

Habitat / Range

Bathymetry: mid to low intertidal
World Distribution: Aleutian Islands, Alaska, to Sonoma County, California; Japan; Kamchatka

Source: North Pacific Seaweeds

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Odonthalia oregona

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