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Onygena corvina Alb. & Schwein. ex Fr.
no common name

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

Introduction to the Macrofungi

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Species Information

small fruitbodies that form on feathers, animal hair, sheep wool, and owl pellets, with spherical light brown rough-furfuraceous head and whitish cylindric smooth stem; description derived from Breitenbach(1) unless otherwise specified; found at least in WA (S. Trudell, pers. comm.), also Europe; collections from BC deposited at University of British Columbia
Fruiting body:
divided into head and stem; head rounded, 0.1-0.2cm, ocher to light brown, rough-furfuraceous, (Breitenbach), reaches at most 2.5cm in height, (Trudell)
0.4-1.5(2.5)cm x 0.1-0.2cm, cylindric, rather thickened toward base, white,+/- smooth, (Breitenbach), whitish (Trudell)
spores 6-8 x 2.5-3 microns, cylindric-elliptic, sometimes curved, smooth, light brown, with 1-2 droplets; asci 8-spored, nearly spherical, 10-16 x 10-12 microns, inamyloid; paraphyses not observed; asci develop within the head of the fruitbody on a hyphal meshwork

Habitat / Range

single to clustered, on owl pellets or animal hair as well as remnants of sheep wool, according to the literature also on feathers, summer to fall, (Breitenbach), on owl pellets, bird carcasses, hair, and wool, (Trudell)

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Species References

Breitenbach(1)*, Trudell(4)*

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