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Parmotrema crinitum (Ach.) Hale
Snuff ruffle

Introduction to the Lichens

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Species Information

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Illustration By: Trevor Goward

Common Name: The Scatter-rug Lichens. Alludes to the broad lobes and ciliate margins characteristic of the species.
Medium stratified foliose lichens, corticate above and below, sorediate or isidiate or not, sparsely ciliate (in BC), lobes loosely attached to partly semi-erect, short to somewhat elongate, averaging to 5–10 mm wide, thin. Upper surface whitish to pale greyish, smooth. Lower surface blackening, shiny, bearing numerous simple rhizines, but marginal area lacking rhizines. Medulla white. Photobiont green.
Apothecia unknown in B.C. material.
Over trees, rarely over rock.
Notes: Parmotrema is primarily a temperate and tropical genus consisting of approximately 100 species (excluding Rimelia Hale and Fletcher). Thirty-six of these occur in North America and only three in B.C. Parmotrema was formerly treated as a subgenus within Parmelia.
Species description:
Thallus isidiate, isidia frequently bearing black cilia
Cortex K+ yellow; medulla K+ yellow, PD+ orangish.
Atranorin and stictic acid.

Source: Lichens of British Columbia

Habitat / Range

Habitat: Infrequent over trees and shrubs in open hypermaritime forests at lower elevations, also rare over oceanside rock
World Distribution: incompletely circumpolar, N to BC, S to MX.

Source: Lichens of British Columbia

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Parmelia crinita

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