Platismatia herrei (Imsh.) Culb. & C. Culb.
Tattered rag

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Species Information

Common Name: The Rag Lichens. Describes the whitish, often somewhat torn or tattered lobes of species.
Medium to large stratified foliose lichens, corticate above and below, sorediate or isidiate or not, lobes loosely appressed to semi-erect, elongate to short, often irregular, averaging to 3–20 mm wide, thin. Upper surface pale green to whitish or whitish blue, pseudocyphellate or not. Lower surface usually black toward thallus centre, shiny, bearing sparse, short, simple rhizines. Medulla white. Photobiont green.
Apothecia located on or near lobe margins, disc brown, often perforate; spores simple, ellipsoid, colourless, 8 per ascus.
Over trees and shrubs, occasionally over logs, rarely over rock.
Notes: Platismatia is primarily a temperate genus consisting of about 10 species. Of the six species reported for North America, five occur in B.C.
Species description:
Soredia absent; isidia present or absent AND
Upper surface whitish to very pale bluish or greenish, never yellowish (except specimens sometimes becoming yellowish in herbarium); lower surface often in part pale; pycnidia, if present, located entirely along lobe margins; apothecia generally absent; isidia present or absent AND
Lobes narrow, averaging to 1–3(–5) mm wide, elongate; upper surface smooth to weakly wrinkled AND
Isidia present along lobe margins
Cortex K+ yellow.
Atranorin and caperatic acid.

SourceLichens of British Columbia


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Habitat and Range

Habitat: Frequent over conifers and deciduous trees in open to sheltered coastal forests at lower elevations

World Distribution: western N Am, N to AK, S to CA.

SourceLichens of British Columbia


Synonyms and Alternate Names:
Cetraria herrei Imshaug
Cetraria tuckermanii Herre