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Pleurotus populinus O. Hilber & O.K. Mill.
no common name

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

Introduction to the Macrofungi

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Species Information

a member of the Pleurotus ostreatus complex (smooth whitish to grayish to brownish caps with shelf-like habit, soft thick flesh, whitish gills, and whitish to lilac spore deposit), and best recognized within it by its whitish to buff spore print, light colored cap, subdistant gills, and larger spores (up to 15 microns long); description from Vilgalys(4) except where noted; collections used in Vilgalys(4) analysis came from BC, ID, and also ON, CO, MD, MI, MT, NY, WI, distribution "similar to that of its aspen host, occurring in most northern states in the east, and throughout the montane and northern regions of western United States", (Vilgalys)
4-6(9)cm wide, convex, oyster-shell-shaped to fan-shaped, the margin inrolled at first; pinkish buff, pinkish gray to ivory white; dry, smooth, pubescent [downy] over the lateral point of attachment
decurrent over the short point of attachment, subdistant, 2 tiers of subgills, broad, 0.5-1cm broad; nearly white to cream
1-1.5cm x 0.6-1cm, "lateral, equal or tapering to a narrow base, white lamellae extending almost to the base that is covered with a white pubescence"
not distinctive to anise-like
mild and pleasant
Microscopic spores:
spores (8)9-12(15) x 3-5 microns, narrowly elliptic, [presumably smooth], inamyloid, colorless, thin-walled, with small apiculus; basidia 4-spored, 23-27 x 5-6 microns, narrowly clavate, colorless, thin-walled; pleurocystidia rare to numerous, 31-33 x 4.6-7.5 microns, capitulate, inamyloid, colorless, thin-walled, cheilocystidia 19-38 x 4-7 microns, "fusiform, ventricose-rostrate, capitulate, tibiiform to lecythiform, sometimes with an elongate hyphal extension at the apex", colorless, thin-walled; clamps present in all tissues
Spore deposit:
buff-colored, not lilac

Habitat / Range

single to numerous and often imbricate [shingled] "on limbs, stumps, or logs of hardwood trees", especially Black Cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa), and aspen (Populus tremelloides and Populus tridentata), collections were mostly in May to July but also in October, (Vilgalys), spring, summer, fall

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Genetic information (NCBI Taxonomy Database)
Taxonomic Information from the World Flora Online
Index Fungorium
Taxonomic reference: in Vilgalys, A. Smith, B.L. Sun, & O.K. Miller Can. J. Bot. 71: 127. 1993

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delicious, douse in water to remove beetles between gills, remove stems, and check for white grubs (Arora for P. ostreatus complex)

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Species References

Vilgalys(4), Arora(1) (discussing Pleurotus ostreatus complex), Trudell(4)*

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