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Populus alba L.
Eurasian white poplar (silver poplar; white poplar)

Introduction to Vascular Plants

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Distribution of Populus alba
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The Eurasian white poplar can persist from cultivation and spread by root sprouts into nearby areas.

Note Author: Frank Lomer, Honorary Research Associate, University of British Columbia Herbarium.

Additional Notes

"This European native grows to 30 m tall and is cultivated frequently, and often naturalized, in climates colder than ours.The upper surface [of the leaves] is dark grey-green, and the undersurface silvery due to a dense coat of white hairs, especially prominent on young leaves and twigs." (Straley 1992).

Straley, Gerald B. 1992. Trees of Vancouver. A guide to common and unusual trees of the city. UBC Press, Vancouver

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