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Psilocybe phyllogena (Peck) Peck
no common name

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

Introduction to the Macrofungi
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Species Information

features include hygrophanous, dark brown to pale gray brown to ochraceous buff cap with peelable skin and striate margin, cream to light cinnamon brown to gray brown to dark brown gills sometimes with violet tint, brown stem with white fibrils, growth on needles, leaves, mosses, twigs or other herbal debris, and spores that are rhomboid to miter-shaped in face view; reported from BC according to Redhead(5) (as P. rhombispora), collection from BC deposited by Paul Kroeger at University of British Columbia; also from Europe
0.6-1.6cm across, hemispheric becoming hemispheric-convex; hygrophanous, date-brown to dark ocher-brown, drying cream-beige; lubricous-shiny when moist, dull when dry, cap skin elastic, peelable, margin translucent-striate up to 1/3 of the distance to cap center when moist, margin hung with white veil remnants when young, (Breitenbach), convex to flat, sometimes with slight umbo; ochraceous buff to pale gray brown; somewhat striate, margin with white, flocculose-fibrillose veil remnants, (Hansen), 0.5-1.5cm across, dark brown; margin lightly sulcate when damp, (Moser)
thin; cream to gray-brown, (Breitenbach)
broadly adnate, 27-31 reaching stem, broad, 3-7 subgills between each pair of gills; cream when young, becoming light cinnamon brown to purple-brown; edges white-flocculose, (Breitenbach), first gray brown then dark brown and sometimes with a slightly violet tint, (Hansen)
2-4cm x 0.1-0.25cm, cylindric with slightly bulbous base, solid, rigid but snappable; whole surface whitish-fibrillose-scaly on a red-brown to black-brown background, (Breitenbach), thin, brown, covered with white fibrils, (Hansen)
polyporoid (Breitenbach)
bitterish, spicy, (Breitenbach), slightly rancid (Buczacki)
Microscopic spores:
spores 5.7-7.5 x 3.5-4.6 x 4.7-5.9 microns, rhomboidal-mitriform in frontal view, elliptic - almond-shaped in side view, smooth, yellow-brown, thick-walled, with a germ pore; basidia 4-spored, 20-25 x 6.5-7.5 microns, clavate, with basal clamp connection; pleurocystidia not seen, cheilocystidia 30-55 x 4.5-8 microns, fusiform-lageniform, some with a colorless vesicular secretion at top; cap cuticle of gelatinized, +/- periclinal hyphae 2-4 microns wide, "with vesicular, irregularly disposed cells below, all with faint yellowish pigmentation", septa with clamp connections, (Breitenbach), spores (5.5)6-9(11.5) x 4-6 x 3.5-4.5 microns, +/- rhomboid in face view, (Hansen), spores 5.5-7 x 4.7-5 x 3.5-4 microns, almost rhombic-lenticular, (Moser)
Spore deposit:
brown-violet (Breitenbach), mid-brown (Buczacki)

Habitat / Range

usually gregarious, more rarely single "in hardwood and coniferous forests, on rotten wood, mosses, or leaves", (Breitenbach for Europe), on "herbal debris, small fallen twigs, or mosses, often on moist ground", (Hansen for Europe), on dead leaves or needles (Moser for Europe), summer to fall (Buczacki)

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Genetic information (NCBI Taxonomy Database)
Taxonomic Information from the Missouri Botanical Garden
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Taxonomic reference: Breitenbach(4)* (as P. rhombispora), Hansen, L.(2) (as P. rhombispora), Moser(1) (as P. rhombispora), Redhead(5) (as P. rhombispora), Guzman(1), Buczacki(1)*

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Species References

Breitenbach(4)* (as P. rhombispora), Hansen, L.(2) (as P. rhombispora), Moser(1) (as P. rhombispora), Redhead(5) (as P. rhombispora), Guzman(1), Buczacki(1)*

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