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Scutellinia umbrarum (Fr.) Lambotte
no common name

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

Introduction to the Macrofungi

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Species Information

Features include a saucer-shaped, orange-red, stemless fruitbody with dark brown, bristle-like hairs on the margin and on the exterior, growth on soil or occasionally on wood or plant debris, and microscopic characters including hairs with rootlets and warted spores. "umbrorum" is a mistaken masculine plural genitive, used instead of the correct feminine ending "umbrarum". Scutellinia umbrarum is found in BC, ID, AK, AZ, CA, CO, and NM, (Larsen), and MI, NY, WV, France, and Germany, (Denison).
Upper surface:
0.8-2cm, shallow cup-shaped to disc-shaped or contorted; orange to red, (Denison), 0.3-0.8(1)cm, becoming saucer-shaped and spread out flat, sometimes rather umbilicate; dull orange red; thick fringe of dark brown bristle-like hairs on margin, (Breitenbac
thickly ciliate with dark brown bristle-like hairs (Breitenbach), appearing dark brown (Phillips)
none (Breitenbach)
spores (19)20-24(26) x (12)14-16(18) microns, average length to width ration 1.4, with distinct rounded warts 0.5-1.5 microns wide and high, scattered over surface, when mature spores with one, less often two droplets; asci 8-spored, 240-320 x 15-20 microns; paraphyses almost cylindric to narrowly clavate, 3.5 microns wide in lower part, 5-9 microns wide near tip, simple or rarely branched in lower part; rooting hairs abundant, rather short (75)150-700(900), 2-8-septate, dark brown, pointed; superficial hairs absent or inconspicuous, when present often heavy walled, stout, and very short, (Denison), spores 19-20 x 13-14 microns (not including warts), warts projecting 0.5-1 micron; asci 8-spored, 240-270 x 19-21 microns, inamyloid; paraphyses "cylindrical, septate and forked at the base, tips with clavate thickenings to 8 microns"; hairs "260-400 x 19 microns, individual hairs to 920 x 23 microns, brown, thick-walled, relatively sparsely septate, almost cylindrical, ending in a sharp point, base with simple to forked roots", (Breitenbach)

Habitat / Range

scattered to single on soil or trash, rarely on fragments of rotten wood embedded in moist soil, May to November, (Denison), singly to cespitose and in troops on damp bare ground, rotten wet wood and plant debris, May to October, (Breitenbach for Switzerland)

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Humaria umbrorum (Fr.) Fuckel
Lachnea umbrorum (Fr.) Gillet
Patella umbrorum (Fr.) Seaver
Scutellinia umbrorum (Fr.) Lambotte

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Genetic information (NCBI Taxonomy Database)
Taxonomic Information from the World Flora Online
Index Fungorium
Taxonomic reference: Scutellinia umbrorum (Fr.) Lambotte Fl. Myc. Belge. Supp. 1: 300. 1887

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Species References

Breitenbach(1)*, Denison(2), Seaver(1) (as Patella umbrorum), Larsen(1), Phillips(1)* (as Scutellinia umbrorum)

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