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Tremella foliacea (Pers.) Fr.
brown witch's butter

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

Introduction to the Macrofungi

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Species Information

Tremella foliacea produces a large brownish convoluted mass of wavy or leaf-like, brown, gelatinous folds. It is thought to be parasitic on Stereum, (Arora). The fruitbody is edible, but it is mostly water, (Arora). The distribution includes BC, OR, ID, NS, PQ, AZ, GA, IN, LA, and NC, (Ginns), North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, (Breitenbach), Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine, (Raitviir), and Brazil (Roberts).
Fruiting body:
2.5-20cm wide or more, "typically a complicated mass of wavy or leaflike folds, lobes, and convolutions; reddish-cinnamon to brown, vinaceous-brown, or tinged purple", often paler when wet; "flabby or gelatinous when moist, bone-hard when dry"; no stem, (
spores 9-11 x 6-8 microns, oval to ovoid-spherical, smooth, inamyloid, colorless, apiculus large; hypobasidia 13-16 x 10-13 microns, spherical-oval, longitudinally septate, with 2-4 epibasidia; hyphae 2-6 microns, septa with clamp connections, gelatinized, (Breitenbach), spores 5-8 x 4-6 microns, elliptic, (Roberts), spores 8-9(13) x 7-9 microns, ovate to round, germinating by repetition; hymenial conidia lacking; probasidia 12-16 x 10-14 microns, broadly elliptic to nearly spherical, becoming cruciate-septate, (Martin), spores 7-9(13) x 6-9 microns, round to broadly elliptic, smooth, spore deposit white to yellowish, (Arora), spores form on outer surfaces (Lincoff)

Habitat / Range

on hardwoods and conifers: dead twigs and branches, log, stump, uprooted stump, (Ginns), single, on dead wood of hardwoods, more rarely conifers, on standing and fallen trunks and branches, still with bark, (Breitenbach for Europe), usually appears late in the season, (Lincoff), on wood of dead trees, especially stumps of oaks, (McKnight), all year (Buczacki)

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Tremella fimbriata Pers.: Fr.
Tremella frondosa Fr.

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Species References

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