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Tremella subanomala Coker
no common name

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

Introduction to the Macrofungi
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Species Information

characterized in genus by dingy color, rather small firm tuberculate fruiting bodies, and the depressed spores, (Martin); Bandoni(4) note that T. subanomala is closely related to or possibly the same as T. indecorata Sommerf.; T. subanomala found OR, ON, IA, MI, MN, NY, NC, TN, VT, (Ginns); R. Bandoni collections from BC deposited at University of British Columbia
Fruiting body:
up to 4cm in longest dimension, convex, pulvinate [cushion-shaped], tuberculate, fleshy-gelatinous; at first colorless, then dingy cinnamon to raisin color or washed with blackish, drying blackish-cinnamon or fuscous, (Martin)
spores 8-10.5(14) x 10-11(14) microns, subglobose (nearly round), "often depressed and wider than long"; probasidia about 17 microns in diameter, globose (spherical) or subglobose (nearly spherical), yellowish, becoming cruciate-septate, epibasidia up to 80 microns in length, about 2 microns wide, arising abruptly, cylindric, often enlarging at tips, (Martin)

Habitat / Range

on hardwood, Acer saccharinum, Alnus sp., Quercus macrocarpa, (Ginns), dead hardwood, (Martin)

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Species References

Martin, G.W.(1), Ginns(5), Bandoni(4)

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