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Tuber monticola Harkn.
no common name

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

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Species Information

features include lobed, dingy white fruitbodies averaging 1.5cm across, the surface slightly scabrous, and microscopic characters including round-elliptic spores 32-40 x 28-34 microns that are very minutely alveolate [pitted] with 12-16 x 11-14 alveoli across diameter, asci 2-4-spored and nearly spherical, and peridium 280-640 microns thick; description derived from Gilkey(3) except where noted; common in the Pacific Northwest, found BC to northern CA and ID, (Trappe(13)), described from CA, reported from OR by J. Smith et al., from WA by Colgan(2)
Outer Surface:
averaging 1.5cm across, lobed; dingy white; surface slightly scabrous
spores 32-40 x 28-34 microns, round-elliptic, very minutely alveolate [reticulate-pitted] with 12-16 x 11-14 alveoli across diameter; asci 2-4-spored, nearly spherical; peridium 280-640 microns thick, "cortex minutely pseudoparenchymatous, the cells varying little in size, the walls not thickened, the pseudoparenchyma changing gradually to very loose, branched hyphae"

Habitat / Range

type collection among firs in dense woods in the Sierra Nevada mountains, (Gilkey), mycorrhizal hosts in the Pacific Northwest are trees in Pinaceae, (Trappe)

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Species References

Gilkey(3), Smith, J.E.(1), Colgan(2), Trappe(13)

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