Regional Vascular Plant Collections Lists

The following regional vascular plant collections lists have been compiled from collections held in several Canadian herbaria, including UBC, CAN, and RBCM. They are based on collections efforts by botanists in these areas and not on comprehensive floristic surveys, so they do not represent complete regional species lists. For serious botanical work in a region, specimens should be checked for accuracy of identification. Note that herbaria specimens are often identified only to the species level and not to the sub-taxa level (variety or subspecies), so sub-taxa in each region may be under-represented. Overall the collections' lists should act as a introduction to the flora of a region, with recognition that they generally under-represent the total number of vascular taxa present.

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Select a district or region name from the dropdown lists above to obtain a list of the vascular plant collections for that district or region. Once the list has been produced, click on the species name to access the associated atlas page. Click on the 'clear' button before beginning a new search.

Metadata: Detailed information on the data used to construct these lists and the E-Flora atlas pages is available here.