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Erythronium oregonum  (White Fawn Lily)

Photo of Erythronium oregonum by Harry Hill
© Harry Hill (Photo ID #74385)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Sechelt, BC Photographer Harry Hill
Habitat Rocky bluff above sea  
Photo Date April 25, 2017 Upload Date April 25, 2017
Elevation (m) 10  
UTM Zone # Latitude 49.4825166666667
UTM Easting Longitude -123.759741666667
UTM Northing Photo ID # 74385
Notes Perhaps 100 E. oregonum were seen in flower, with thousands of leaves indicating smaller/younger plants. Growing in pockets of soil on a rocky, north-facing bluff above Sechelt Inlet. In company of Amelanchier alnifolia, Holodiscus, Pachistima, Mahonia nervosa, Rosa nutkana, Lilium columbianum, Heuchera micrantha, Polypodium glycyrrhiza, numerous mosses. Form will not accept my coordinates: Latitude: 49.4823 Longitude: 123.7595

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