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   Scientific Name
Family Common Name Atlas Page
   Anaxyrus boreas
Bufonidae  Western Toad 
   Ascaphus montanus
Ascaphidae  Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog 
   Ascaphus truei
Ascaphidae  Coastal Tailed Frog 
   Lithobates catesbeianus
Ranidae  American Bullfrog 
   Lithobates clamitans
Ranidae  Green Frog 
   Lithobates pipiens
Ranidae  Northern Leopard Frog 
   Lithobates sylvaticus
Ranidae  Wood Frog 
   Pseudacris maculata
Hylidae  Boreal Chorus Frog 
   Pseudacris regilla
Hylidae  Northern Pacific Tree Frog 
   Rana aurora
Ranidae  Red-Legged Frog 
   Rana luteiventris
Ranidae  Columbia Spotted Frog 
   Rana pretiosa
Ranidae  Oregon Spotted Frog 
   Spea intermontana
Pelobatidae  Great Basin Spadefoot