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Acer campestre L.
field maple
Sapindaceae (Horse-chestnut family)
(Previously in Aceraceae)

Introduction to Vascular Plants

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The field maple, native to Europe, is cultivated and can escape into natural landscapes. Collected from alluvial woods south of Agassiz (Lomer 6333 @ UBC). Occasional.

Author: Frank Lomer, Honourary Research Associate, University of British Columbia Herbarium

Additional Notes

"This attractive commonly cultivated maple from Europe grows to about 10 m tall or occasionally taller. The small 3-5 lobed leaves (to 10 cm wide) with very rounded lobes distinguish it from all our other local maples. The keys have wide spreading wings." (Straley 1992).

Straley, Gerald B. 1992. Trees of Vancouver. A guide to the common and unusual trees of the city. UBC Press, Vancouver.

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