Acer rubrum L.
red maple
Sapindaceae (Horse-chestnut family)
(Previously in Aceraceae)

Introduction to Vascular Plants


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Distribution of Acer rubrum
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Acer rubrum var. rubrum


This eastern North American tree is commonly planted and rarely escapes. It has been found in Greater Vancouver in a swampy bog on Douglas Island in the Fraser River (Lomer 7605 @ UBC). Collected in BC. Occasional.

Note Author: Frank Lomer, Honourary Research Associate, University of British Columbia Herbarium

Taxonomic Notes

"Few trees can match the brilliant autumn colour of this common member of the eastern North America deciduous forest. A native to areas from Quebec to Florida, it is usually a good indicator of moist soils or even swampy places...The leaves are dark glossy green above and glaucous grey beneath....The tree might be confused with Silver Maple, but the leaves of Red Maple are less deeply lobed, less distinctly toothed, and not as silvery beneath." (Straley 1992).

Straley, Gerald B. 1992. Trees of Vancouver. A Guide to the Common and Unusual Trees of the City. UBC Press, Vancouver.