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Amanita pantherinoides
western American false panther

Species account author: Ian Gibson.
Extracted from Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

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Species Information

Subgenus Amanita. Features include viscid cap that is honey-colored to dirty cream with brown to chestnut to honey-tan color in center, small white patches and warts, crowded white gills, and white to whitish stem with 1) ovoid bulb, 2) volva as short thin limb around stem base or floccose material on upper bulb, and 3) superior, white, persistent ring. |The Tulloss(6) website, accessed July 23, 2020, commented (with Latin names italicized), "Jenkins emphasizes the possibility of a close relationship between the present taxon and A. pantherina (DC. : Fr.) Krombh. The present taxon seems more gemmatoid than pantherinoid given the limbate volval remnants on the bulb and occasional clamp connections on basidia. I don''t see a reason for it to be considered to be a variety of pantherina at the moment; however, I have not yet studied material of the present species in detail." |The Tulloss(6) website, accessed July 23, 2020, lists Amanita praegemmata as a synonym of Amanita pantherinoides. |Western North American material of what has been called Amanita pantherina does not match the DNA sequences of European Amanita pantherina, and a case can be made that Amanita pantherinoides is an appropriate name to use. |36 putative panther/gemmatas from BC were sequenced; 14 corresponded to a Tulloss(6) concept of pantherinoides. 22 were ''pseudobreckonii'', (D. Miller, pers. comm.).

Amanita pantherinoides was described by Murrill from WA, and collected by Murrill also in OR.
"narrowly adnexed to free, when free, connected to the stem by an extremely heavy, floccose line, crowded", subgills truncate; white, (Tulloss), sinuate, crowded; white, (Murrill)
2-11cm x 0.5-1.1cm, "tapering upward, often slightly expanded at the top", stuffed to hollow, basal bulb ovoid; white to whitish, bulb white; bald, bulb smooth to minutely floccose, (Tulloss), reaching 11cm long and about 2cm thick, with bulbous base; tapering upward; white; bald, (Murrill), VOLVA "present as a submembranous, short, thin limb around the stem base and/or as floccose material on the upper part of the bulb", (Tulloss), 3cm broad, white, "tough, regular, persistent, with entire or undulate free limb", (Murrill)
ring "relatively large, white, superior, not apical, and persistent", (Tulloss), ring "large, white, superior, persistent", (Murrill)
Microscopic spores:
(8.1)8.5-11.2(12.2) x (6.0)6.3-7.7(8.5) microns, mostly elliptic (about 5% elongate and 5% broadly elliptic) and are inamyloid; basidia 4-spored, 39-47 x 4.5-11 microns, clamp connections rarely present at bases of basidia, rare in partial veil, not observed on universal veil (but rare in this locations in the synonymized A. praegemmata), (Tulloss), 9 x 5 microns, oval, smooth, colorless, (Murrill)
Spore deposit:
[presumably white or whitish]

Habitat / Range

"originally found under conifers and hardwoods in wet, coastal forests", (Tulloss), type single, collected in woods near Seattle, Washington, October 20 - November 1, 1911, also collected in sandy pine barrens Newport Oregon, "Specimens at Albany sent by Copeland from California and temporarily referred by Peck to Amanitopsis adnata appear to belong here, but I have not examined them microscopically", (Murrill with Latin name italicized), fall

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Amanita pantherina var. pantherinoides (Murrill) D.T. Jenkins

Taxonomic and Nomenclatural Links

Genetic information (NCBI Taxonomy Database)
Taxonomic Information from the World Flora Online
Index Fungorium
Taxonomic reference: Mycologia 4(5): 262. 1912; Amanita pantherina var. pantherinoides (Murrill) D.T. Jenkins; Venenarius pantherinoides Murrill; Amanita praegemmata (Murrill) Murrill; Venenarius praegemmatus Murrill

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Species References

Tulloss(6) (based on Jenkins(1977) who did type studies), Murrill(3) (as Venenarius pantherinoides)

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