Carex longii Mack.
green and white sedge
Cyperaceae (Sedge family)

Introduction to Vascular Plants


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Distribution of Carex longii
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Green and white sedge is found in North America, Mexico; West Indies (Haiti); Bermuda; Central America; South America and is introduced Pacific Islands (Hawaii); New Zealand (Ball and Reznicek 2012). In.North America, it is found in the US (eastern states and Washington and Oregon) and Canada: (Nova Scotia, Quebec and British Columbia) (Ball and Reznicek 2012).

Green and white is introduced in British Columbia; it was discovered on Bowen Island in 2004 but identified as Carex feta, it was later identified as C. longii by Peter Zika (BC Columbia Conservation Data Centre 2012). It is rare in southwestern BC (BC Conservation Data Centre 2012).


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