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Chara braunii Gm.
Braun's stonewort

Introduction to the Algae

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Distribution of Chara braunii
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Chara species are filamentous, mat forming green algae. They can be recognised by their whorls of simple branchlets, general stiffness and/or calcification. Braun's stonewort is a monoecious, ecologically-variable species that is the only totally ecorticated species of Chara with undivided branchlets (Wood 1967). It is found in "isolated clumps in shallow to deeper water in both hard- and soft-water ponds and lakes. Occasional in slightly brackish water of coastal ponds." (Wood 1967). Proper identification of Chara species is dependent on features of the stem and reproductive structures, and usually requires microscopic work.

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Wood, R. D. 1967. Charophytes of North America: A Guide to the Species of Charophytes of North America, Central America and the West Indies. Published by R. D. Wood, Professor of Botany, University of Rhode Island.

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