Consolida ajacis (L.) Schur
rocket larkspur (doubtful knight's-spur)
Ranunculaceae (Buttercup family)

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Distribution of Consolida ajacis
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Species Information

Annual herb from a slender taproot; stems erect, 30-80 cm tall, smooth to sparsely fine-hairy.
Alternate, 5 to 20 or more, semi-circular in outline, 1-5 cm wide, 12- to 60-times palmately dissected into linear segments less than 1.5 mm wide, entire; basal and lower stem leaves long-stalked, middle and upper leaves unstalked or nearly so, smooth to minutely-hairy.
Inflorescence a simple or branched, 6 to 30-flowered, terminal raceme, the flowers bilaterally symmetric; lower bracts somewhat leaf-like, the upper simple and linear; flower stalks ascending to spreading, 1-3 cm long, somewhat minutely-hairy; petals 2, blue to purple, rarely pink or white, united to form a corolla with ascending bifid lobe, two round lateral lobes, and a hollow, nectar-bearing spur, the lateral lobes 3-6 mm long, the terminal lobes 5-8 mm long, 2-4 mm wide, cleft 0.2-1 mm; sepals 5, same colour as petals, or darker, nearly smooth, the lower two 8-18 mm long, 4-8 mm wide, the lateral two, 8-18 mm long, 6-14 mm wide, the upper one spurred, the spur 12-20 mm long.
Follicles, 12-25 mm long, minutely fine-hairy; seeds brown, with many transverse baffles.

SourceThe Illustrated Flora of British Columbia


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Habitat and Range

Mesic to dry roadsides in the lowland zone; rare garden escape on SE Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands; introduced from Europe.

SourceThe Illustrated Flora of British Columbia


Synonyms and Alternate Names:
Consolida ambigua (L.) P.W. Ball & Heywood
Delphinium ajacis L.
Delphinium ambiguum L.