Cuscuta approximata var. approximata Bab.
Convolvulaceae (Dodder family)
(Previously in Cuscutaceae)

Introduction to Vascular Plants


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Distribution of Cuscuta approximata var. approximata
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Species Information

Parasitic, leafless perennial herb; stems threadlike, twining and sticking to other plants by means of suckers.
Reduced to tiny scales.
Inflorescence of several to many stalkless flowers in clusters or globular masses; flowers 2-3 mm long; calyx lobes yellowish, as long as wide, slightly fleshy; corolla tubes seldom longer than the calyces; stigmas long-pointed.
Capsules opening in an irregularly circular fashion near the base.

SourceThe Illustrated Flora of British Columbia

Habitat and Range

Parasitic, especially on legumes, in the steppe and lower montane zones; rare in SC BC; introduced from Eurasia or Africa.

SourceThe Illustrated Flora of British Columbia