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Dicranoweisia crispula (Hedw.) Lindb. ex Milde
no common name

Species Account Author: Wilf Schofield
Extracted from Some Common Mosses of British Columbia

Introduction to the Bryophytes of BC
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Distribution of Dicranoweisia crispula
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Species Information

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Illustration Source: Some Common Mosses of BC

Species description:
Species name referring to the leaves that become much twisted when dry.
Sporophytes frequent in summer, yellowish to pale brown.
Distinguishing characteristics:
With sporophytes, and based on its habi­tat, the very contorted leaves and suberect to erect sporangium are diagnostic.
Forming dark green to yellow-green tufts.
Similar Species:
Some species of Kiaeria, found in similar habitats and at the same elevation, can be confused with D. crispula. In Kiaeria, however, the leaves are usually curved on a single side of the shoot and the sporangia are not erect. Amphidium, which also occurs in rock crev­ices, is easily distinguished when with sporophytes by the short seta and the sporangium that is grooved when dry. Amphidium also lacks peristome teeth. Sterile tufts of Amphidium are dense and are confined to crevices.

Habitat / Range

Confined to siliceous rock surfaces and crevices, generally at alpine to subalpine elevations, usually in sunny sites.
World Distribution

Widespread in arctic and boreal regions, partic­ularly in mountains. In North America extending southward in the east to New Hampshire and in the west to California.

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