Distichium capillaceum (Hedw.) B.S.G.
erect-fruited iris-moss (distichium moss)

Species Account Author: Wilf Schofield
Extracted from Some Common Mosses of BC

Introduction to the Bryophytes of BC


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Distribution of Distichium capillaceum
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Species Information

Species description:
Genus name meaning two rows, in reference to the leaf ar­rangement. Species name denoting hair-like, in reference to the slender leaves.
Sporophytes frequent and maturing in summer, light brown.
Distinguishing characteristics:
The erect, strongly flattened, leafy plants with glossy, overlapping, sheathing leaf-bases give each shoot the dis­tinctive superficial appearance of a miniature ear of barley.
Forming dense turfs of glossy, dark green to light green, un­branched, somewhat flattened, erect shoots.
Similar Species:
D. inclinatum differs in the usually shorter plants that have a short, stout inclined sporangium (compared to the erect, nar­rowly cylindric sporangium of D. capitlaceum). Some specimens of Ditrichum resemble this species but the leaves lack the flattened, sheathing bases.


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Illustration SourceSome Common Mosses of BC

Habitat and Range

Usually in cliff crevices, particularly on calcium-rich sub­strata, but also terrestrial, from sea level to alpine elevations
World Distribution

Circumpolar in the Northern Hemisphere, also extending southward, especially in the mountains, in the Southern Hemisphere; in North America extending southward to New York State in the east and to Arizona in the west.