Dodecatheon hendersonii A. Gray subsp. hendersonii
broad-leaved shootingstar (mosquito bills)

Introduction to Vascular Plants


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Distribution of Dodecatheon hendersonii subsp. hendersonii
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Species Information

Plants fibrous-rooted; roots usually whitish; small rice-like bulblets present at base of plant.
Leaves ovate to nearly rounded (sometimes oblanceolate), tapering abruptly to the narrowly winged petiole, entire, glabrous, 3-14 cm.
Inflorescences of 2-17 flowers; involucral bracts lanceolate, usually glabrous, 3-15 mm. Flowers long-stalked; corolla tube and throat yellow or whitish with a thick, red, wavy ring around the throat; corolla lobes pink to lavender (rarely white), 6-25 (28) mm; pollen sacs dark red or reddish-purple (sometimes yellow or yellow with dark speckles); calyces green, purple-speckled, glabrous or glandular-puberulent, 5-10 mm; filaments connate, dark reddish-purple; connective dark reddish-purple to blackish, transversely rugose; stigma not enlarged relative the style; pedicels 2-7 cm long, glabrous or glandular. Flowering Mar-May.
Capsules green to reddish or purplish, cylindrical, glabrous or glandular-puberulent, circumcissile or 5-valvate, 7-17 (19) mm.
Scapes 15-30 (50) cm tall, glabrous to distally glandular.

SourceThe Vascular Flora of British Columbia, draft 2014.
Author: Jamie Fenneman


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Habitat and Range

Mesic to dry meadows, Garry Oak woodlands, open coniferous forests, and rock outcrops in the lowland zone. Locally common in extreme sw BC (s Vancouver I., Gulf Is.); south to CA.

SourceThe Vascular Flora of British Columbia, draft 2014.
Author: Jamie Fenneman