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Fumaria reuteri Boiss.
Martin's fumitory

Introduction to Vascular Plants

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Distribution of Fumaria reuteri
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This species was recently recognized in British Columbia, in the 2010 Conservation Data Center update to the BC flora. Previously, Fumaria bastardii was recognized in BC. However this was an identification error, and specimens have now been redetermined. Lomer (pers. com. 2010) says: "Fumaria martinii is the most common Fumaria in BC, but only around Vancouver, White Rock, and on southern Vancouver Island... It is a bit confusing because our plants have bigger flowers than is normally found for this species in Europe. These larger flowered plants fall under F. martinii in a treatment by Liden (1986), although he lumps them with the more variable F. reuteri Boiss."

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Fumaria martinii

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Lidén, Magnus. 1986. Synopsis of Fumarioideae (Papaveraceae) with a monograph of the tribe Fumarieae. Opera Botanica 88, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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