Glehnia littoralis subsp. leiocarpa F. Schmidt ex Miq. (Mathias) Hultén
American glehnia (American silvertop)

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Distribution of Glehnia littoralis subsp. leiocarpa
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Species Information

Perennial herb from a stout woody taproot; stemless or with short stems and strongly sheathing leaf stalks buried in the sand.
Basal leaves spreading, often prostrate, thick and firm, glabrous above, white woolly beneath, once or twice divided in 3's; leaflets broadly elliptic to egg-shaped, coarsely toothed.
Inflorescence of several compact clusters; stalks hairy, 1.5-5 cm long; flowers white, small.
Oblong egg-shaped to globose, 6-13 mm long, somewhat flattened, glabrous or hairy towards tip, with broadly corky-winged ribs. HERACLEUM 1. Plants 1.5-4.5 m tall; fruits obtuse basally H. mantegazzianum1. Plants 1-3 m tall; fruits narrowed basally H. maximum

SourceThe Illustrated Flora of British Columbia


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Habitat and Range

Moist to mesic coastal dunes and sandy beaches in the lowland zone; infrequent on the Queen Charlotte Islands and Vancouver Island; amphiberingian, N to AK and S to N CA; E. Asia.

SourceThe Illustrated Flora of British Columbia


Synonyms and Alternate Names:
Cymopterus littoralis auct. non A. Gray
Glehnia leiocarpa Mathias
Glehnia littoralis var. leiocarpa (Mathias) Boivin