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Juglans regia L.
English Walnut (cultivated walnut; Persian Walnut)
Juglandaceae (Walnut family)

Introduction to Vascular Plants

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The English walnut is deciduous tree commonly grown in S BC and occasionally spreads outside of cultivation (Catling s.n. @ DAO), but rarely persists to maturity away from human settlements. It is becoming established in the Okanagan. Occasional. Not part of the flora of British Columbia, not included in the Illustrated Flora of British Columbia.

Note Author: Frank Lomer, Honourary Research Associate, University of British Columbia Herbarium

Additional Notes

"The European walnut tree is the major source of the walnuts we eat. It is easily distinguished from other species of walnuts by its fewer, broader leaflets (usually 5 but sometimes up to 9 leaflets). The smooth bark is pale grey. The smooth rounded or oblong nuts have been selected for thin shells...". (Straley 1992).

Straley, Gerald B. 1992. Trees of Vancouver. A guide to common and unusual trees of the city. UBC Press, Vancouver.

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