Leptobryum pyriforme (Hedw.) Wils.
golden thread-moss (leptobryum moss)

Species Account Author: Wilf Schofield
Extracted from Some Common Mosses of BC

Introduction to the Bryophytes of BC


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Distribution of Leptobryum pyriforme
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Species Information

Species description:
Genus name meaning delicate or slender Bryum, probably denoting the slender leaves as well as the slender, shiny seta. Species name describing the pear-shaped sporangium.
Sporophytes common, the shiny golden-brown, nodding, pear-shaped sporangium is diagnostic.
Distinguishing characteristics:
The slender silken leaves, broadly divergent from a subclasping base, combined with the glossy, golden brown, pear-shaped, nodding sporangia are distinctive.
Silky, small, light green to yellow-green plants forming loose to dense short turfs; leaves almost hair-like when dry, strongly divergent when humid.
Similar Species:
From species of Bryum and Pohlia, the slender, silken, shiny leaves are enough to separate the Leptobryum. No other moss in British Columbia has nodding, pear-shaped sporangia on a similar leafy plant with slender silken leaves.


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Illustration SourceSome Common Mosses of BC

Habitat and Range

Disturbed earth, especially in burned-over forests but also in gardens, as a greenhouse weed, and on concrete of walls.
World Distribution

Nearly cosmopolitan but more frequent in temperate climates; found on all continents except Antarctica.


Synonyms and Alternate Names:
Leptobryum pyriforme var. flagelliferum Holz.