Leptogium palmatum (Hoffm.) Minks
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Introduction to the Lichens


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Species Information

Species description:
Thallus small to medium but not minute; lobes averaging to more than 1.5 mm wide, always dorsiventral; isidia present or absent, distinctly wrinkled upper surface AND
Lobe margins naked; isidia, if present, naked AND
Lobes broad or, if elongate, then never both erect and terminating in distinctly swollen tips; lobe tips averaging to less than 0.2 mm thick when moist, seldom strongly wrinkled when dry; habitat and distribution various AND
Lower surface naked or bearing scattered tufts of hair at points of attachment, never distinctly woolly AND
Isidia and lobules absent over upper surface AND
Lobes elongate, margins distinctly turned under and tapering to more or less horn-shaped tip

SourceLichens of British Columbia


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Illustration ByTrevor Goward

Habitat and Range

Habitat: Common over soil, moss and thin soil over rock in open coastal sites at lower elevations

World Distribution: western N Am – western Eurasia – eastern Eurasia, N to AK, S to CA.

SourceLichens of British Columbia