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Mannia gracilis (F. Weber) Underw.
thin starwort

Species Account Author: Wilf Schofield

Introduction to the Liverworts of BC

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Distribution of Mannia gracilis
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Species Information

Species description:
Gametophyte thallose, rigid, dark or light green, sometimes purplish pigmented, especially on margins, 1-2 cm long, forked, with lobes 1 cm long or less, upper surface with slightly bulging, complex pores and of one layer of elongate air chambers, the thallus thickened in centre thinner at edges, ventral surface purplish to nearly black, purlish scales forming one row on either side of thickened thallus centre; pegged rhizoids numerous on central thickened portion of thallus. Paroicous, the archegonial receptiacle stalk arising in a notch at the thallus apex, 3 cm tall, receptable hemispherical to conic, green to purplish tinged, 304 lobed, with conspicuous white membranaceous long-lanceolate pseudoperianth divisions surrounding each hemispherical blade sporangium that eopens by an operculum.
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Habitat / Range

Usually on calcareous substrata, usually soil over rock, near sea level in moist areas and reappearing in alpine and subalpine sites.
World Distribution

Arctic-alpine where widesprad and interruptedly circumpolar, in the Northern Hemisphere. In Europe and western North America, Alaska, BC, Alberta, Oregon, Montana, also in Mexico and South America.

BC Distribution

Near coastal in southwestern islands and in interior mountains, also in northern BC, also in mountains, probably under-collected.

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Asterella gracilis

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