Normandina pulchella (Borr.) Nyl.
Elf ears

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Species Information

Common Name: The Elf-ear Lichen. Describes the tiny, rimmed, ear-shaped lobes characteristic of the species.
A minute stratified squamulose lichen, weakly corticate above, noncorticate below, sorediate, thallus attached to substrate at one edge, rotund β€œear-shaped,” averaging to 1–2 (–3) mm across. Upper surface greenish to pale bluish grey, often with distinct raised rim. Lower surface whitish, lacking rhizines. Medulla white. Photobiont green.
Apothecia unknown.
Over trees and mossy outcrops in sheltered sites.
Notes: Normandina is a monotypic genus of temperate distribution.
All spot tests negative.
No lichen substances reported.

SourceLichens of British Columbia


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Illustration ByTrevor Goward

Habitat and Range

Habitat: Infrequent (overlooked?) over moss, mossy bark, or over other lichens in humid, sheltered lowland sites throughout, except absent in boreal regions

World Distribution: probably incompletely circumpolar, S to AZ and NM.

SourceLichens of British Columbia