Pohlia nutans (Hedw.) Lindb.
nodding thread-moss (pohlia moss)

Species Account Author: Wilf Schofield
Extracted from Some Common Mosses of BC

Introduction to the Bryophytes of BC


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Distribution of Pohlia nutans
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Species Information

Species description:
Species name describing the nodding sporangium.
Sporophytes common; sporangia light red-brown, not glossy, maturing in summer.
Distinguishing characteristics:
This is an extremely common and wide­spread species throughout British Columbia, especially frequent at high elevations and in higher latitudes. There is no reliable field character, however, to separate it from many species of Pohlia and Bryum.
Forming short, dense, light green to dark green turfs.
Similar Species:
(See Distinguishing Features.)


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Illustration SourceSome Common Mosses of BC

Habitat and Range

Mineral soil banks, humus soil and rotten logs in somewhat shaded to sunny sites from sea level to alpine elevations.
World Distribution

Circumpolar in the Northern Hemisphere, extending in North America southward to Mexico (where rare).


Synonyms and Alternate Names:
Pohlia nutans subsp. schimperi (Müll. Hal.) Nyholm
Pohlia rutilans (Schimp.) Lindb.
Pohlia schimperi (Müll. Hal.) Andrews
Pohlia sphagnicola (Bruch & Schimp.) Broth.