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Sandbergia whitedii (Piper) Greene
Whited's fissurewort
Brassicaceae (Mustard family)

Introduction to Vascular Plants

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Species Information

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Short-lived perennial herb from a short taproot and usually a branched stem-base; stems usually several, simple to freely branched, 20-50 cm tall, hairy.
Basal leaves narrowly spoon-shaped to linear-oblanceolate, slender-stalked, to 10 cm long and 2 cm wide, entire to remotely toothed, densely hairy with treelike hairs; stem leaves gradually reduced upwards, mostly entire, 2-5 cm long, the upper ones unstalked but not with earlike lobes at the base, densely hairy.
Racemes open and elongate in fruit; flower stalks slender, ascending, 8-20 mm long, densely hairy; petals white or strongly pinkish-veined, 4-7 mm long, spoon-shaped; sepals oblong to nearly egg-shaped, densely hairy, outer sepals somewhat pouched at base.
Siliques ascending-erect, 1-2.2 cm long, 1-1.3 mm wide, with fine, starlike hairs, very slightly alternately contracted or expanded, somewhat compressed; beaks less than 0.5 mm long, stout; seeds in 1 row, oblong, about 1 mm long, wingless.

Source: The Illustrated Flora of British Columbia

Habitat / Range

Dry grasslands in the steppe zone; rare in SC BC; S to N WA.

Source: The Illustrated Flora of British Columbia


The climate type for this species, as reported in the: "British Columbia plant species codes and selected attributes. Version 6 Database" (Meidinger et al. 2008), is not evaluated, unknown or variable.

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Halimolobos whitedii (Piper) Rollins

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