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Solidago altissima subsp. gilvocanescens L. Rydb.
Canada goldenrod (shorthair goldenrod)
Asteraceae (Aster family)

Introduction to Vascular Plants

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Distribution of Solidago altissima subsp. gilvocanescens
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Solidago canadensis (a.k.a. Euthamia) is a perennial, rhizomatous (clonal) species, lacking basal leaves or with basal leaves reduced and early deciduous. It is widespread in North America, where it is found in most states in the US (excluding the extreme southeastern states) and most Canadian provinces (excluding Nunavut) (USDA 2010). In BC, it is a widespread, summer flowering species that is typical of old field conditions (that is, undisturbed successional sites). There are 3 recognized varieties in the province: var. subserrata (primarily coastal in distribution), var. gilvocanescens ( mainly interior plants), and var. salebrosa (coastal and interior plants). These are separated based on flower (bract) characteristics and leaf hairiness. However, note that Flora North America now recognizes only two varieties in North America (FNA 2010). This species was introduced to Europe in the 17th century, and is now invasive (Van Kleunan and Schmid 2003). It is now a significant invasive species in China.

Earliest observed flowering date in BC: July 10th, 2009, near Hope (personal observation).


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Synonyms and Alternate Names

Solidago altissima var. gilvocanescens (Rydb.) Semple
Solidago canadensis var. gilvocanescens Rydb.
Solidago gilvocanescens (Rydb.) Smyth
Solidago pruinosa Greene

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