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Lupinus arbustus ssp. pseudoparviflorus  (Montana lupine)

Photo of Lupinus arbustus ssp. pseudoparviflorus by Virginia Skilton
© Virginia Skilton (Photo ID #34099)

Photographer's Submitted Details

Photo Location Rd to Cornucopia, OR Photographer Virginia Skilton
Habitat gravel road cutbank, montane forest  
Photo Date June 07, 2008 Upload Date February 07, 2013
Elevation (m) 1103  
UTM Zone # Latitude 44.9555555555556
UTM Easting Longitude -117.188333333333
UTM Northing Photo ID # 34099
Notes Coordinates taken from Google Earth. Gravel road goes NNW from Halfway to Cornucopia in the Wallowas. Calyx is spurred, leaves nearly hairless on top. I.D. needs to be confirmed.

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