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Actinemys marmorata (Baird and Girard, 1852)
Western Pond Turtle
Family: Emydidae


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Distribution of Actinemys marmorata in British Columbia in British Columbia


The Western Pond Turtle is a small aquatic species of turtle "usually found in quiet ponds, marshes or streams" that is now considered extirpated in British Columbia (Matsuda et al. 2006, 164, 165). Only two collections are reported for the province (in 1933 and 1936), both from the Greater Vancouver area, and, although natural populations did occur in the Puget Sound region of Washington State, it is possible that the BC records could have been introduced animals (Matsuda et al. 2006).


Matsuda, Brent M. David M. Green and Patrick T. Gregory. 2006. Amphibians and Reptiles of British Columbia. Royal BC Museum Handbook. Victoria, BC.

Status Information

Origin StatusProvincial StatusBC List
(Red Blue List)
NativeSXRedXT (May 2012)

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Synonyms and Alternate Names

Clemmys marmorata (Baird and Girard, 1852)
Emys marmorata (Baird and Girard, 1852)

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