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Alauda arvensis Linnaeus, 1758
Eurasian SkyLark
Family: Alaudidae
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Distribution of Alauda arvensis in British Columbia
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Two subspecies in British Columbia:

1) Alauda arvensis.arvensis
2) Alauda arvensis.pekinensis

Alauda arvensis pekinensis

An established introduced population of the European subspecies (A.a.arvensis) of this Eurasian species is resident on extreme southern Vancouver Island, but wanderers from this small group have been reported very rarely. Photographed individuals from outside of the range of these introduced birds, particularly those from distant areas such as northern Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands, presumably refer to the eastern Asian subspecies A.a.pekinensis, which is a rare but regular migrant through western Alaska and has been recorded on several occasions along the Pacific coast of the United States. Photographic evidence of the four records presented here appears to confirm that they refer to this subspecies, which is somewhat more heavily and boldly streaked than its European counterpart, although the records from Surrey and Jordan River are in close proximity to the established introduced population and may pertain to wanderers from that population.

1.(1) adult; November 20-21, 1991; Sandspit, QCI
2.(1) adult; November 14-15, 1995; Port McNeil airport
3.(1) adult; October 28, 2004; Jordan River
4.(1) adult; January 10-13, 2005; mouth of Serpentine River, Surrey

Note Authors: Rick Toochin and Jamie Fenneman

Status Information

Scientific NameOrigin StatusProvincial StatusBC List
(Red Blue List)
Alauda arvensisExoticSNAExoticNot Listed
Alauda arvensis arvensisExoticSNAExoticNot Listed
BC Ministry of Environment: BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer--the authoritative source for conservation information in British Columbia.

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