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Artemia franciscana Kellogg, 1906
San Francisco Brine Shrimp; San Francisco Fairy Shrimp
Family: Artemiidae

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Distribution of Artemia franciscana in British Columbia
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Artemia franciscana is found in Canada, western USA, Mexico, and the West Indies. It has been introduced to many parts of the world (Belk & Brtek, 1995). In British Columbia, this species has been collected from the dry interior, from the vicinities of Osoyoos, Kamloops, and Clinton (Smithsonian Institution Collections).

This species is restricted to temporary or permanent hypersaline lakes and ponds, and has been found in brines nearly five times the concentration of sea water (Eriksen & Belk, 1999). Since this species has no anatomical defence against aquatic predators, the lowest salinity at which it is found in nature is determined by the upper salinity tolerance of the local predator(s). It is found in habitats of varying ionic composition (Persoone & Sorgeloos, 1980). Scudder (1969) and Hammer & Forró (1992) found Artemia habitats they tested in British Columbia to have predominant cation/anion combinations of sodium/carbonate or magnesium/sulphate.

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