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Chionoecetes tanneri Kroyer, 1838
Grooved Tanner Crab; Tanner Crab
Family: Majidae

Species account author: Josephine Hart.
Extracted from Crabs and their relatives of British Columbia.


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Distribution of Chionoecetes tanneri in British Columbia in British Columbia

Species Information

Carapace slightly wider than long; surface spinulose; margins armed with spines which are largest mid-laterally. Branchial areas dilated and separated medially by a deep depression; the rows of spines on each branchial area form a U with the curve at the outer margin and marked by 2 large spines. Hands of mature males with dilated palms. Walking legs compressed and have rows of sharp spines; meri slightly dilated.


Carapace: male 167 x 185 mm, female 119.2 x 114.8 mm.


Carapace scarlet, with some orange, pink and white in immatures. Chelipeds orange with scarlet spines; finger tips light pink with white cutting teeth. Walking legs scarlet with yellow-brown claws. Abdomen light orange or brownish. Antennules, antennae and eyestalks scarlet; cornea chocolate brown.


Deep water, green mud, fine sand, rocks



East of Kamtchatka, northwest Pacific Ocean, to off Cortez Bank, Mexico; 29 to 1944 m.
Distribution In British Columbia

West of the continental shelf from 458 to 1784 m.


Extensive studies have been made on C. tanneri off the mouth of the Columbia River by W. T. Pereyra and others. A dense population was found in deep water.

Status Information

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BC Ministry of Environment: BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer--the authoritative source for conservation information in British Columbia.

Synonyms and Alternate Names

Chionoecetes tanneri M. J. Rathbun, 1893

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